Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas Time has Passed

I was wondering what time do you put all the Christmas Quilts away?
The Christmas Quilt that hangs in the Foyer of my house was never put away last year.
It looked so nice hanging just hanging there.

So this past Christmas I thought that I would hang a few other quilts around.
The Candles Wall Hanging is out of a Stitch & Sew magazine from 1980's.

This Wall Hanging I bought as a kit.
I still having quilts in the lounge room over chairs and the lounge, as if in this country we need lots of quilts for Christmas. The reason being it is usually so hot here, but they do look nice and homely.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Christmas Quilt

Merry Mayhem's Mystery  

This was a one day mystery with This quilt was made from all the Christmas scraps I had.
I enjoyed doing quilt very much and look forward to doing more with Planet Patchwork

Merry Mayhem’s Mystery Quilt
Case # 133:
Diminutive Vessels

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The above quilt is a quilt that belongs to a friend of mine in Indianapolis I slept under this quilt while staying with her. I decided to make a copy of this quilt, so out we went to the shops nearby and far away to buy fabric that resembles that of the 1950’s when this quilt was made.
I found lots of lovely prints and Rosie gave me some too. What I did find and it did surprise me was, I bought the green fabric for the border and it was the same shade exactly which was in the quilt.
After our trip to America I came home all enthused about starting this quilt. That is what I did start. What I should have one is home doing all enthused about finishing this quilt. So now years later I am back to ‘trying to finished’ hopefully by the end of the year most of the top should be done.
I will take these little hexagons everywhere I have to wait for someone and do it. That way the quilt top will progress more quickly than just doing it at home.
One mistake I did make was not making the hexagon bigger and that way I wouldn’t have to make as many baskets or make the borders larger. Oh Well Too Late

 This is the first basket that is nearly finished I has 10 more baskets and handles made. I
 have made the centres for the flowers. Now I am making the flowers.
Next I supposse I will have to do the background which I am not looking forward to.
This is a block that was left over from that quilt. Rosie gave it to me so I would remember how to do the blocks. I may use in the centre of the quilt or maybe on the back as I do not think the blocks are going to be as big as this one.