Friday, February 4, 2011

Awfully Hot- an update on my Hexagons

Over the past week it has been so hot, so hot in act that I have stayed inside with the air-con on watching DVDs and doing my Hexagons. I am wondering if I will ever get these finished. Although I did start them in 2008 after I came home from visiting my friend in Indianapolis. I also bought a lot of the fabric there too. We went to different quilt shops and I met another quilter Carmie who I hope is a very good friend and I hope to visit again next year. Now I have stopped waffling along, I will get onto what I wanted to say.
When I came home I started making the baskets and handles and the centres of the flowers. I also made a few of the flowers, but deciding what colours to go into the baskets was a bit of a worry. I do have lots of nice pieces to make the flowers just deciding is the problem. I suppose that once I start tracing and cutting everything will fall into place and the baskets will look great.
The other problem that I have is, when I sew the white hexagons together and I sew them to the wrong basket or handle making it so I really don’t’ have a finished basket. I must concentrate on what I am doing and hopefully by next week I will have a - one- basket finished.

This is what I have done so far. Looks like a jumble of hexagons. Hopefully by the end of next week I will have one basket completly made..
My very good friend Rosie and myself doing some quilting on a weddding quilt at Rosie house.

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